My average day

I get up every morning at 5 to prepare breakfast for my husband and pack his lunch. Yes, I know this is a little old fashioned, but it’s something that he values deeply and it’s a good way for me to show him how much I care every day. It starts our relationship off on the right step, every day.

After he leaves for work at 5:30, I work on the ironing and washing. I don’t like to do this during the day as it takes time from Emma. They’re only young so long and I want her to be the focus of my day. It’s important to know that she’s loved.

When she wakes up around seven, we make breakfast together. Her favorite is a soy milk smoothie made with organic kale and strawberries. It’s important to start the day off right and I want her to learn that as early as possible. After we eat breakfast, we do kiddie yoga.

She loves kiddie yoga and it really helps her to center herself. Some days she’s a difficult three year old but most days she’s easy to deal with. I am very lucky. Yoga seems to help her not be so wild. I suggest it for everyone!

After yoga, we run errands. Since I do not believe in eating frozen food, we make a trip to the local Whole Foods every day to pick up food for dinner. It’s not easy. It takes dedication and commitment, but eating healthy is critically important for my family. We are primarily vegetarian, limiting ourselves to free range chicken and wild caught fish and seafood. We eat 100% organic and locally produced food. I try to make as much food as I can at home-even fresh, soft cheese-but with Emma, it’s rather hard to do that. It’s ok to buy some food pre-packaged. You don’t have to feel guilty for doing that! We are all guilty of it.

After errands, it’s open imagination play time. This is very important to us. Imagination play is child-centered play time that allows them to explore and interact in their world. They learn so much during this time and it is very important that they have this.

We eat lunch at 12:30 every day. Snacks happen whenever she is hungry, during the day as long as it is fresh and healthy. She’s very good about drinking water, and has never had a soda! We don’t eat refined sugar at all, so she never asks for candy or things like that.

After lunch, we do educational time. Sometimes we read books or look at letters. Her life coach says that she’s at a critical language development point in her life. We listen to Spanish and French programs. She’s very good at all three languages, for being three! She can count to ten in Spanish and English. I am very proud of her.

After lunch, she takes her nap. I spend that time working on preparing food for dinner, making cheese and doing chores. Somtimes she doesn’t want to sleep and I get nothing done, but that’s the way it works when you are a mommy!

After her nap, we spend time on art and music. She loves to paint. I’ll be posting some of her work here, soon!

My husband comes home at six and I make sure that his dinner is on the table as soon as he comes in. I think it is important as a wife and mother to keep the house running along on schedule and make the best possible use of time that I can.

Emma and Daddy play after dinner. This gives me a chance to get the rest of my housecleaning done. He’s very patient to allow me the time to do this while he is watching Emma for me.

Once she’s had her bath, she gets 1 program on TV, if she’s behaved all day. It has to be educational and kid friendly, of course. Bedtime comes with a snuggle and a story and then, it’s time for my husband!


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