Safety First

There are things about being a parent that scare me. I never noticed all the sharp corners and sudden places to fall before I had Emma. I worry about her constantly. It seems like there is always a hidden danger lurking that could cause her to be injured!

We’ve done everything we can to try and make sure that she’s safe. Adding safety latches to all the cabinets, the toilet and sinks. Making sure that all the doors are locked and windows latched, keeping all the things that she could climb on away from the windows. We make sure that nothing that can fall on her head is placed in a place she could be injured. It’s so difficult to always know what could hurt her! My job as a mom never stops.

One of the things that we did, because we live in Oklahoma, is make sure that we have a storm shelter. We looked at a lot of modles, but decided that to go with an above ground storm shelter from Storm Shelters Tulsa. With an above ground, she can’t fall down the steps.

I had it installed in the garage, next to the laundry room, so we would not have to run into the weather to get to the shelter. Having the shelter in the house makes me feel so much better about her safety overall. Of course, there are a thousand little things-choking on a pea, tripping in the yard… it’s hard being on constant vigil, but I glad that we have the shelter now.

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